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Because survey costs do not increase with the number of respondents, we charge a flat fee of $2,000 per school, regardless of size. This includes administration of the survey, generation of and electronic copies of all reports, and a copy of the survey dataset.

Colleges can add up to 10 additional questions for an additional $500.

Payment is due as follows:

  • A non-refundable down payment of $500 and the signed contract is due 6 weeks prior to survey administration date.
  • Student emails, customized office names and optional college questions are due 4 weeks prior to survey administration date (this date is chosen by the college).
  • Remaining balance is due when final report and materials are delivered.
  • Withdrawal: If a college decides to withdraw prior to survey administration, we will charge an additional $500 cancellation fee if we have already processed and loaded your data into our system.


Colleges receive an institutional report (pdf) describing their survey results, as well as benchmarking data from other participating colleges.

Survey responses are provided in SAS, SPSS, and Stata formats.

We also provide an Excel spreadsheet containing graphs that can be used in Powerpoint presentations.


The RISC Survey team works closely with you on every aspect of preparing and administering the survey, including invitations, reminder messages, and delivery of the online survey. The timeline below outlines the process for the fall 2018 data collection.

Spring 2018: Register for survey and plan

  • Registration opens March 1 and closes July 15, 2018.
  • Sign service agreement.
  • Begin planning promotional materials (e.g., pre-notification, social media, flyers, incentives).

Summer/Fall 2018: Survey preparations

  • Customize your survey
    • Provide RISC team the five office names you want included on the survey
    • Develop up to 10 college-specific questions (additional $500 charge)
  • Provide student population data file to RISC Survey staff
  • Finalize promotional strategy
  • Draft pre-notification email from college president
  • Work with college IT professionals to have our domain name whitelisted

October/November 2018: Notification and data collection

  • College sends survey pre-notification email from your college president
  • Survey administration opens
  • RISC staff send invitation to students and subsequent reminder messages to nonrespondents

January 2019: Data & Reports

  • RISC staff deliver custom college report and raw survey data file