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We are seeking college and university partners to participate in the RISC Survey (four-year) pilot study. The survey will be administered at no cost for a small group of institutions selected for the pilot study. Applications are due by February 1, 2018; the survey will be administered in March and April 2018.

Description of the partnership

RISC staff is responsible for administering the survey and analyzing your college’s data. RISC staff will work closely with pilot colleges throughout the entire survey administration. Colleges will provide a student data file needed to implement the survey, as well as to validate the survey and explore survey nonresponse.

The survey and student data will be confidential; we will not share these data with anyone, nor will we publish any numbers associated with your college by name. 

Participating colleges will receive a custom report that highlights areas where they can take action to improve student success. To provide context, the report includes comparisons to other colleges participating in the pilot.

Pilot study schedule


  • Submit completed application by February 1 (see below).
  • Determine your method of administration: Unique URL for every student, college-wide URL, or in class. See our survey administration method page for more information.
  • Sign service agreement.
  • Begin planning promotional materials (e.g., pre-notification, social media, flyers, incentives).

Early spring 2018: Survey preparations

  • Customize your survey
    • Provide RISC team the five office names you want included on the survey
  • Provide student population data file to RISC Survey staff
  • Finalize promotional strategy
  • Draft pre-notification email from college president
  • Work with college IT professionals to have our domain name whitelisted

March/April 2018: Notification and data collection

  • College sends survey pre-notification email from your college president
  • Survey administration opens
  • RISC staff send invitation to students and subsequent reminder messages to nonrespondents

Summer 2018: Data and reports

  • RISC staff deliver custom college report and raw survey data file

Application for RISC Pilot Test 2017

There is no charge for participating in the survey. Your college will receive a summary report of the survey results, benchmark comparisons to provide context for these results, and an electronic copy of the raw survey data.

In addition to providing you with valuable information, one of the aims of the pilot study is to validate our questionnaire and understand how to best administer the survey. Therefore, we want to know the different ways you are willing to administer the survey and student data you can provide.

We plan to survey all students enrolled for the fall 2017 term. Please contact us if you have questions or concerns about this.

Please check the following methods you are willing to use during the pilot study (check all that apply):

Provide us with a list of email addresses, and each student will receive an initial email invitation and three reminders. Your college will send out a pre-notification email from a college leader (e.g., president) and will whitelist our domain in your email system. Whitelisting is a simple task; we will work with your tech people to do this.

Provide us with a list of courses and sections from which we will randomly choose a subset for administration. College personnel will distribute one-page fliers to students in selected course sections. Each flier will have a unique URL that will allow students to take the survey in class using a cell phone or laptop. The survey itself takes approximately 10 minutes. Including time necessary to distribute fliers, total administration should take no more than 20 minutes

We will provide you with a single URL that anyone on your campus can access. You agree to widely publicize the survey and URL, using email, listservs, social media, student portal login, etc.

Student data
Please check the data elements you are willing to provide us (check all that apply):

Gender, race/ethnicity, age or birthdate, part-time/full-time status (fall 2017), total credits earned, cumulative grade point average, degree program

Applied for financial aid, Pell status, estimated family contribution (EFC)

List of courses taken (course identifier, course name), grades received